Welcome to the World
of Commerce.

Gyanarjan Institute were born out of the immense efforts of Mr. Ashok Mahto who perceived education as a means to think, create and foster internationally-minded citizens.

The uniform teaching and learning approach encompasses conceptual enquiry, knowledge and ways of acquiring knowledge, interdisciplinary teaching and assessment in real life.

The unique design of the centre, student friendly facilities, informal learning environment, value based education, customized integrated curriculum, and technology aided teaching and learning are the hallmarks of Gyanarjan.

Gyanarjan focus on practical approach prepares students to face real life issues and succeed in their future endeavours. It creates an ideal environment through which students become competitive and are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership. They will take on leading roles in their future working environments; directing change, solving problems and developing new knowledge.

We invite you to visit our centre and experience all that Gyanarjan has to offer.


Mr. Ashok Mahto, Founder & Director of Gyanarjan. He is a gifted teacher and mentor for school & college students as well as the faculty members. Mr. Ashok has been involved in managing various functions at Gyanarjan from  Academics to Administration and Operations.
Ashok Mahto
Founder & Director